If baby tooth is knocked out contact our office as soon as possible at 239-331-2184 and email us at info@youngnroyal.com.

If the child's permanent tooth is knocked out, find the tooth, rinse it gently in cool water.  If possible, place the tooth in the socket immediately and hold it there with clean gauze or wash cloth.  If you can't put the tooth back in the socket, place the tooth in a clean container with cold milk, saliva or water.  Get to the pediatric dental office as soon as possible.  The faster you act, the better your chances of saving the tooth.

If a tooth is chipped or fractured contact our office immediately.  Rinse the mouth with water and apply cold compresses to reduce swelling if the lip also was injured.  If you can find the broken tooth fragment, place it in cold milk or water and bring it with you to the dental office.